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75 boutique spacious apartments, of which no two are alike.

Grand Hotel Melbourne is a classic luxurious hotel dedicated to lovers of culture, tradition, and bespoke experiences. At a prestigious location in the CBD, beyond a regal façade, the meticulously restored hotel is one of Melbourne’s rare architectural gems. Experience a masterpiece of design that transports the discerning business or holiday traveller on a journey distinguished by unforgettable moments.
Free Wifi
On Site Parking
Full Kitchen
Heated Pool
Hidden Garden

Free Wi-Fi

Valet Parking

Full kitchen facilities

Heated Pool

Hidden Garden

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There is a special deal for everyone at the Grand Hotel Melbourne. Our exclusive accommodation deals and hotel specials are designed to help you make the most of your stay.


From the tranquility of our tucked away garden and light-filled, indoor heated pool, spa and sauna to a graceful library with chessboards.


Built in the early 1890s to serve as the headquarters for the Victoria Railway Administration Offices, our building stands as a gateway to an era defined by Victorian elegance and grandeur.

Central Location

Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s city centre. The ideal place from which to explore Melbourne’s sights and delights.